Monday, November 3, 2008

I have another award!!!!

I received this award from Justine Hartline over at PSP Addict
She is a wonderful lady and I have just become a member of her Creative Team.
Thank you Justine. I also received one of these from Tee over at Tees Scraps

The rules for this award are:
List 7 things you love and
Pass on to 7 others.
So here goes:

1. I love my children first and formost.
2. I love GOD!
3. I love my husband
4. I love making tags for others.
5. I love making scrapkits.
6. I love crocheting.
7. I love my country.

I will pass this award on to the following people:

1. Beth who can be found at

2. Karen who can be found at

3. Toni who can be found at

4. Siobhan who can be found at

5. Sheri who can be found at

6. Anniie who can be found at

7. Farrah whose scrapkits I adore. You can find her at